bRAD thomas - senior stylist

Brad Thomas started his career as a wide eyed junior, apprenticed at Tremayne Salon in Melbourne.  Surrounded and mentoured by creative talents who exposed him to photo shoots, competitions, editorial and runway work to models and celebrities.  It was the foundation that set Brad up for what was to come.

When Brad started with Paul Gerrard, he hit the ground running.  Hong Kong to Brad, could accommodate any dreamt opportunity, anything was possible.  It has been challenging adapting to living in a new city and culture, but Brad has embraced this with the same gusto and approach as his hairdressing.  Learning to speak Cantonese is also his passion, which you would swear with your eyes closed, he was a local.

Brad is driven by his surroundings and working with the team at Paul Gerrard is, what he calls, hairspiration.  Sharing and work shopping ideas, to developing new techniques and approaches is what keeps Brad inspired and always so passionate.

We are excited to have Brad on board and know you will fall in love with his kind and generous nature, good looks and amazing talent.

What Job would you be terrible at?
Pest Control

How do you wind down?

If you were to get a new Tattoo… what would it be?
Traditional Thai writing that reads ‘Pad Thai’

Your Favourite place to eat in Hong Kong is…?
Shanghai Lane

What do you do for fun?

Stylists….In 3 words, describe your hairdressing style…
Bespoke, timeless, sexy!

Who is your inner icon?
Barack Obama

What are you listening to?