Natani is a Senior Stylist at the highly regarded Paul Gerrard Salon in Hong Kong. with 14 years’ experience, Natani also is an International Guest Artist and Educator for Joico, a leading brand in the professional hair care industry.

Natani’s first job in a salon, just down the road from her home in Pretoria, South Africa, was merely to earn money while studying classical culture and philosophy. Soon though, Natani discovered that she loved salon work and shifted her studies to hair full time. Over time she became Head of Education at a leading UK hair and beauty company, managing their academy and salon training throughout the south of England.

Now in Hong Kong, Natani is a sought-after stylist in the salon and at photo shoots. Natani’s loyal and growing client base appreciate her unassuming nature and consistently outstanding service. As a guest artist for Joico, she specializes in color and is involved with testing new products before market release and teaching the company’s latest Trend collections to accomplished and novice stylists alike.

Natani’s background living on three continents led her to become familiar with a range of hair types, environmental factors, customs, and attitudes, which she brings to her styling and teaching. While she takes great pride in her work and her visual gifts, Natani is a true team player who helps to create a warm and professional environment.

Relatable, inspiring, and fun, Natani is known for constantly researching the latest trends and innovations and for her ability to educate those with varying levels of ability, whether it’s other stylists and staff seeking continuing education, or her clients in the salon. Courses she leads include colour and cutting techniques for both inspirational and day to day salon work. Natani also works at shows launching exciting new products, and conducts look-and-learn sessions and hands-on workshops where she demonstrates step by step from the stage.

Natani brings her commitment and humor to her community as well. Whether it’s shaving heads for those suffering from cancer, or teaching and organizing sessions in career advice, or working with the underprivileged, Natani eagerly shares her passion for hair and the industry. She also has spoken at a women’s day conference teaching about skin tones, face shapes, and suitability, helping women to realize and claim their own beauty and worth.

Natani says simply: “I love to teach. I love to do hair shows. I love to read and learn, and I love to run.” When she’s not working or volunteering, running, or attempting Muay Thai, Natani enjoys spending time with her husband in Hong Kong.