When you first meet Paul you cannot help but be taken under his spell. He has an infectious lust for life. A perfectionist who moves at an industrious 100 miles an hour, multi tasking continuously and yet still has time for both every member of his staff and every client.

Paul hated school, but knew he wanted to travel when he grew up. ‘When I was 17 I heard that if I did hair dressing I would be able to work on a cruise ship!’ ‘To this day I have never been on a cruise ship but I never regretted becoming a stylist.’ Paul laughs. ‘My first over seas job after qualifying was in Bermuda. I stayed there for 3 years and have wonderful memories of the place.’

Paul arrived in Hong Kong over 21 years ago. A backpacking traveller with no specific plans. He arrived at the city with little more than a suitcase but by 1996 had established the renowned Paul Gerrard Salon. ‘I was really just a travelling hairdresser with a suitcase to begin with’ Paul explains. 

Paul Gerrard Salon first started its life on Elgin Street before moving to Graham Street and finally has been located in its current location on Pottinger Street for 15 years.

‘I slowly built up the Salon. Gradually growing in size and staff. Some of which have worked with me for many years.’ Continues Paul, ‘Our staff philosophy at Paul Gerrard is to treat each other as an extended family. To have respect for each other and to help each other through both good and bad times.’ ‘I am very proud of where the Paul Gerrard Salon stands today in modern Hong Kong society. It has become synonymous with stylish high quality service.

2 years after Paul arrived in HK his family decided to visit from the UK. ‘They all fell in love with it and decided to stay! That was 18years ago and they are all still here.’ Although Paul is a whirlwind and continuously moving, he also enjoys chilling and relaxing. ‘It is always either/or for me. All or nothing. I either prefer to be in the thick of it, extremely busy in a fast moving city or far away from the crowds, peaceful and quiet. I love to walk up a mountain to achieve tranquility, serenity and peace.’  Paul loves peace and calm but actually lives a hectic life.

‘I like to escape now and then. Go to a forest etc. In fact that is why I have a tattoo of a forest on my arm, so that the peace can always be with me.’ ‘My love of music also reflects my character I think. As I love both Opera and Anthony and the Johnsons.’