Paul Gerrard Reveals the Secret to Beautiful Hair

We often fight a losing battle with our hair. With product build-up, harsh weather conditions, over-styling, and general neglect, it’s not unusual for our hair to fight back with split ends and other problems that keep us from having the best hair we can possibly have. Well, thank goodness for Paul Gerrard because he’s got the secret to keeping your hair beautiful, everyday!

Have we got your attention now? Well, get ready because the secret to gorgeous, healthy hair lies within your very own hair brush!

A major way that women unknowingly destroy their own hair is by brushing their hair too quickly or vigorously. This can strip your hair of its natural moisture and cause breakage within the strands, leading to dry, brittle hair. The easiest way to prevent further damage to your locks? Relax and brush your hair gently and slowly.

Another way that women can damage their hair is by using a bad hair brush, or one that’s not suited for their hair type. Using a bad hair brush can actually do more damage to your hair than hot styling products! Investing in a good hair brush is a good way to ensure the future health of your hair. A vented hair brush with ball-tipped ends as these types of hair brushes allow for better ventilation during blow-drying, helping hair dry faster, which means less heat damage. A wide-tooth comb is also a good choice.

We’ll always have a love-hate relationship with our hair, but at least now you’re armed with the knowledge of how to get that gorgeous hair you’ve always dreamed of. Who would have ever thought it was as easy as changing your brushing habits?

To get your hair started on its way to beautiful, visit Paul Gerrard salon today.

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