CACI Synergy

(Non-surgical facial toning)

Using cutting edge technology to re-educate the facial muscles, the CACI synergy is the new industry must have!

CACI full treatment service

Face and neck (2 hours) $2,500

This facial combines our signature Non-Surgical facial toning with the skin rejuvenation benefits. It also introduces our breakthrough S.P.E.D™ Microcurrent LED Technology which uses light therapy to enhance results providing the very best in CACI Non-Surgical Facial Toning. Ultrasonic peeling and orbital microdermabrasion are used to exfoliate leaving a brighter, smoother complexion. Microcurrent impulses combined with LED light therapy will then lift and tone the face and neck, followed by CACI’s unique Wrinkle Comb to target fine lines and wrinkles. After a course of treatments you can expect to see a more youthful and toned appearance with glowing, healthy skin.

CACI mini face lift 

Mini face CACI facial (45 minutes)   $680

This facial concentrates on just the face using CACI technology. Tiny electrical pulses will lift & Tone the facial muscles, whilst improving the skins elasticity & reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.          

To further enhance your treatment your therapist may recommend additional CACI add ons

Wrinkle comb (15 minutes) $380

Rehydrate  (15 minutes) $380

Lips  (15 minutes) $380

Eyes (15 minutes) $380  

Face lift  (30 minutes) $480

CACI targeted areas

CACI eye lift (30 minutes) $580

The CACI eye revive treatment uses serum filled CACI microcurrent rollers together with a deeply nourishing hydro eye mask to lift hooded eye lids, reduce puffiness & dark circles & soften the appearance of lines & wrinkles around the eyes. 

CACI jowl lift (30 minutes) $580

The CACI Jowl Lift has been developed to specifically target muscle laxity around the jawline which can cause drooping jowls and loose skin. This treatment is specially designed to lift and firm the muscles & refine facial contours to give a firmer, more toned appearance.

CACI wrinkle comb (30 minutes) $580
Target deep lines & wrinkles, such as crows feet or laughter lines with the CACI Wrinkle Comb. This treatment is a non-invasive, needle free alternative to collagen injections & dermal fillers that will instantly plump fine lines and wrinkles from the very first treatment.

CACI blemish fix treatment (30 minutes) $580
This treatment will target specific blemishes, age spots or pigmentation in an area of concern. Skin exfoliation is used in combination with LED light therapy & microcurrent to trigger tissue repair and healing.

CACI lip treatment (30 minutes) $580
Get those lips looking juicy & luscious. CACI‘s award winning Amino Lift Peptide Complex is combined with the Wrinkle Comb & red LED light therapy to instantly plump the lips & soften lines typically associated with smoking, giving the perfect party pout.

CACI acne treatment (30 minutes) $580
This soothing treatment targets severe acne concerns where exfoliation is not advised. The treatment uses blue & red light therapy (renowned for its anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory healing properties) combined with the Hydro Mask to soothe & calm the skin, as well as reduce redness & irritation.

CACI scarring/stretch marks (30 minutes) $580
This treatment combines skin exfoliation with the CACI Wrinkle Comb to refine & soften the appearance of stretch marks & scarring by stimulating tissue repair & healing.